Thoughtful Life Conversations is an affiliation of healthcare leaders, providers and community representatives with a shared commitment and a sense of accountability to improving end of life care for Arizonians.   

Our mission is to empower Arizonans to make known their life wishes and care directives and to equip their healthcare teams with resources to honor them.  Our vision is for Arizonans to have thoughtful life conversations that result in honored healthcare wishes and goals and improved care towards end of life.

Work focus is around these main themes:

  • Provide avenues for professional education and development around end of life advance care planning;

  • Promote public engagement and education about being informed and having thoughtful life conversations for yourself and your loved one’s;

  • Promote policies and payment systems to support high quality end of life care; and

  • Build a self-sustaining end of life care program for Arizona


To join us in this work, please complete the form, click submit, or print and send the form as an attachment to us. 

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